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About Us—Overview


Viper Northwest, Inc. is a precision, quick response, build-to-print manufacturing organization, making precision fabricated and machined parts and assemblies for satisfied customers since 1985.

Viper Northwest has a tenured staff of highly skilled manufacturing and technical professionals who manufacture capital equipment and OEM components for a variety of high tech industries. We also provide engineering design assistance and verification, as well as drafting services.


Our Mission

To be the best in our industry; providing extraordinary customer service through empowered people, guided by a shared set of values.  Our mission is to ensure our customers success by providing a superior product, at a fair price, with on time delivery.  Our strength is our people, with continued education, training and the highest quality systems we will continue to lead the way.

The customer is our Top Priority

  • Our Customer's needs are critical.
  • The Customer is #1.
  • The Customer is the center of all activities.
  • Lose our Customers, lose our business. The Customer is WHY.
Everything CAN be improved
  • Any process, system, service, or project can be made better.
  • Continuous improvement is critical for success.
  • The race is never over, if we slow down, others will pass us by.
Quality is everyone's job
  • Everyone must do quality work.
  • Inspecting/rechecking for quality before delivery is not enough.
  • Quality throughout the process, not only at the end.
  • Quality must be a given.
Teamwork Works
  • The whole Viper Northwest team is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • People working together can accomplish more than they can working separately.

Our Mission (cont'd)

There is Value in diversity

  • Differences in how people think and work are healthy.
  • Combining people with different experiences and backgrounds promotes creativity and an exchange of ideas.
Support builds success
  • Supporting others will lead to your own success.
  • Everyone is expected to contribute to our "Team" regardless of position or experience.

1216 SE Jackson Street
Albany, OR 97322
Phn: 541-928-2529
Fax: 541-928-1526

"The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual."

-Vincent Thomas Lombardi

(Teamwork can accomplish magnificent feats)


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