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Quality Assurance


Viper Northwest is focused on customer needs and expectations by meeting or exceeding the quality standards set by industry. We strive for perfection through a continually improving total quality system that will consistently out-shine our competition. We inspire the confidence and trust of our customers, partners, suppliers, and regulatory bodies. We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Quality Assurance

Our reputation has been built on superb quality and service.  If we fail to serve our customers we risk losing them forever. It is our company wide commitment to never compromise our quality; not just in the products we make, but in every aspect of our company.


Quality Per Customer Specifications

Time and time again we surpass customer qualifying standards. Our quality system is designed to the principles of AS, ISO, and Lean. Quality controls are in place to exceed customer expectations in all areas of our company. Our goal is to assure you an outstanding quality relationship in everything we do. We all realize cost savings when quality and loss prevention systems work; and ours works well. We also inspect all our suppliers to insure they align with our quality philosophy.

Quality Control

Our quality goal is zero defects. Viper Northwest maintains a written quality management system that works in conjunction with all facets of our manufacturing environment, from estimating to production planning, to process control, manufacturing, inspection and delivery. We guarantee your product to be free of defects.


Compliance is guaranteed through the use offied inspection instruments of the highest grade and latest technology. Instruments that  include our multiple calibrated andfied Coordinate Measuring Machines and our computer controlled high precision Vision Inspection System. Accuracies can be measured to millionths of an inch when required.

Continuous Improvement

As part of our quality program, feedback methods are in place throughout our company to continually gather ways to better ourselves and our quality control. Whether through consultation, training or education our commitment to a zero defect goal is primary to serving our customers better than they have been served before.


As part of our total service commitment Viper Northwest employs technicians for in-house non-destructive testing and certification of operation of special components, automated assemblies and sub-assemblies.

Multiple Qualifications

Our customer quality audits continue to qualify us as a key supplier to a wide variety of companies and industries.   Over the years we have been recognized by many customer quality awards and have surpassed tests proving our system as very effective. 



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