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Core Values


Viper Northwest is dedicated to focusing on customer needs and expectations by delivering objective and confidential manufacturing support services aimed at helping our customers keep and continuously improve their competitive edge while servicing them with the highest quality goods and on time deliveries.


Environmental Vision

In recognizing our environmental vision, we are positively contributing to the preservation of the earth's environment and to the realization that our society can support the dreams of future generations.

Our Environmental Policy

  • We shall make every effort to maintain and improve the environment through reduction of: resources, wasted substances, and environment-related substances.
  • We shall observe: laws/regulations, customers' requirements, and embody the protection of the environment.
  • We shall establish and implement the goals and objectives to which the conditions of businesses are reflected and revise it when necessary.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is an important part of Viper Northwest's Continuous Improvement Plan. In addition to Viper Northwest's dedication to its customer’s needs and expectations of the highest quality goods and on time deliveries, we have a long track record in community involvement, environmental protection, charitable contributions, children's education, and diversity.


Our success as a business is built on the recognition of the skills and efforts made by each employee. Viper Northwest is committed to hiring employees that are proactive, aggressive, and are team players with high level skills that produce superior on-time parts. Our carefully selected employees combined with our cutting edge equipment offer our customers the highest quality craftsmanship available.


There is Value in Diversity

  • Differences in how people think and work are healthy.
  • Combining people with different experiences and backgrounds promotes creativity and an exchange of ideas.


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