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Customer Quotes

"On time delivery, superior workmanship at a fair price is what we have come to expect and receive from Viper Northwest."

Michael Hawks
VP TriMike Creations
LLC / TMC - Eng

"Viper Northwest provides Univertical a true partnership in business. The consistent high level of quality and service is driven by their dedication to be a partner in manufacturing products for the customer. The team at Viper interacts daily as an extension of us - The Customer"

David Whitehead
Vice President / General Manager
Univertical Corporation


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Project Stories


Here are some examples of why our customers have been successful.

Customer Need: Super Tray

We were approached, along with several other manufacturers, by a Fortune 500 company to produce a prototype precision sheetmetal assembly to hold parts for a robotic assembly line. The dimensional, structural, material and input/output requirements were developed and provided but no actual drawings had been created. We were to come up with a design and prototype which would be compared to the other companies’ entries. The winner would be awarded the quantity build contract.

After consideration of the requirements, we determined that their structural requirements could not be met with the materials specified. We petitioned to work outside their “sheetmetal” requirement and it was approved.

We proceeded to design and build an extruded aluminum frame containing the sheetmetal and machined robot interface. This design exceeded their structural, dimensional and weight requirements. It had an additional benefit of being modular so it could be economically upgraded as they developed new products.

This assembly was so successful for this company that they developed many new robotic assembly lines based on its design. They continue to be used to produce product that is used daily by millions of people even ten years after its inception.

Customer Need: Super Blades

Repeat work; close tolerance holes accurately placed in hardened 62/64 RC material measured from a precision ground sharp knife edge. Edge is neither flat nor straight. Location, perpendicularity and diameters must be within 0.001 inches. The holes could not be installed accurately enough prior to heat. At first the product had proved to be priced completely out of the market. This product was submitted to custom manufacturers all over the USA and Europe for a low cost solution. One obvious solution was to use wire or sinker EDM processes, but these proved to be sporadically inaccurate and especially expensive. Others tried specialized drilling machines, but also either failed or were cost prohibitive. Months past with no solution until we were approached. We were up to the challenge and were not about to give up easily. Within weeks, through research and experimentation Viper Northwest developed specialized floating fixtures with a drilling and milling process at no cost to the customer that successfully exceeded their tolerance requirement AND most importantly... smoked their price goal. The finished process eventually proved to reduce cost by more than 90% of competitors' estimates. What was our motivation in making this time investment?  A win/win: our customers successful and profitable introduction to market and we still machine this product profitably well after 10 years.

Customer Need: Super Timeline

8-15-05 2:08pm

Customer contacts Viper Northwest with an urgent request for material / design suggestions and lead time to produce a complicated precision part for a critical assembly due in three days.

8-15-05 3:34pm

Viper responds to customer with 2 material suggestions and a design idea.

8-16-05 9:30am

Customer supplies a purchase order and CAD file with Viper suggested material and design ideas incorporated for quick turn build.

8-16-05 9:47am

Job hits shop floor with 7 hour run time estimate for CNC machining.

8-17-05 8:30am

Finish machined and inspected part in the Viper delivery van and on its way to Electroless nickel plater for .0002” Electroless nickel plate.

8-17-05 5:00pm

Part picked up by Viper for delivery back to our shop for final inspection, packaging and delivery to customer.

8-18-05 9:00am

A Viper delivery van is on the road with the finished part to be delivered to customer by 10:30am. The part is delivered to the customer before the 3 day due date and our customer is able to deliver the critical assembly to their customer ahead of schedule.


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