Precision Sheet Metal

CNC Laser Cutting
We have the latest technology and up to 4000 watts to provide you with clean, accurate steel cutting to 1″ thick, stainless cutting to 3/4″ thick and aluminum to 3/8″ thick.

We have CNC press brakes to 100 tons and extensive tooling to meet most precision forming needs. Custom form tooling is manufactured in our precision machine shop. This allows rapid prototyping and complete flexibility when producing your parts.

Inspection and Certification
Our quality is confirmed by our inclusive and experienced inspection department. We will provide you with accuracy and documentation to meet all your needs and specifications. We will follow your existing process specifications or we can create the necessary process specification documentation as needed. Certification is available on all materials, processes, coatings and inspections.

Graining/Sanding: Wet sanding to 24″ widths producing the finest quality finishes, fast.
Coating: All outsource coatings; anodize, alodine, electropolish, passivate, plating, painting, powdercoat, plasma coat and many more are readily available.

Hardware Insertion
PEM and other captive hardware of all varieties installed. Custom designed hardware provides solutions to your most difficult obstacles.

Prototyping and Quick-turn
Prototypes and short run parts can be produced in your time requirements.
Simple brackets and enclosures can be delivered in hours, not days, and complex assemblies delivered in days, not weeks.

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